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New gas engines from GAZ Group especially for commercial vehicles

GAZ Group’s Yaroslavl Plant – Avtodiesel have signed an agreement with Westport, international manufacturers of automotive gas fuel systems and components for the development of new gas engines for commercial vehicles. These Yaroslavl engines are fitted to over 300 models and equipment produced by Russian, Belorussian and Ukrainian plants and is seen to be highly effective in trucks, trains, heavy duty dumpers, buses, tractors and agricultural equipment.

These new compressed natural gas engines for CNG commercial and road construction and agro vehicles will be developed on the basis of YaMZ 530 engines and will sport state of the art technical facilities with performance of the highest possible standards be it where capacity, fuel efficiency, reliability and pricing is concerned. Investment for this new development will be in the region of RUR 600 M with production scheduled to commence from 2014.

Bo Andersson, GAZ Group President/CEO, said, “Westport’s engineering resources and expertise, as the global leader of natural gas-fuel technologies, will allow us to ensure high reliability and safety of gas-fuelled vehicles, which is the top-priority requirement for this type of vehicles. GAZ Group’s new line of natural gas engines will allow us to develop our methane bus and truck fleet to ensure low emissions level and fuel efficiency of cargo and passenger transportation in Russia”.

He added, “In the past three years, we have been selling CNG and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) components into the light-duty market in Russia, which is a key market for Westport, and have gained market leadership,” said Maurizio Grando, Managing Director of Westport’s Applied Technologies business unit. “The innovative technology in the WP580 system is based on years of experience in natural gas research and development activities, and our experience in markets around the world. We are honoured to be selected by GAZ as the partner for this new generation of products.”

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