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2014 S80 showcased at IGI Airport T3 at Volvo Auto India Lounge

Travellers gets access to a touch point of Volvo carlines at the Lounge but can’t enter unless they are invited or use a Platinum or Gold card by being a Volvo customer or VIP guest, respectively.

Mr. Tomas Ernberg, Managing Director, Volvo Auto India says, “Terminal 3 IGI Airport is one of the largest aviation hubs in South Asia with a heavy influx of high profile fliers. Creating a Volvo lounge at such a strategic location is yet another step closer towards our existing and prospective customers. It gives them an experience of Volvo’s brand philosophy ‘Designed Around You’, up close and personal. Partnering with GMR for our Lounge is a perfect synergy of service wherein together we continuously work towards the comfort of our customers.”

Mr. Sudeep Narayan, Marketing & PR Director, Volvo Auto India says, “We believe in creating unique Scandinavian experiences for our discerning luxury car customers and prospects. The lounge is a step towards bringing those experiences alive. This is 2014’s first such unique initiative, and we have many more lined up for this year.”

Mr. I. Prabhakara Rao, CEO, Delhi International Airport (P) Limited says, “DIAL is privileged to partner with an iconic brand like Volvo Cars. Ever since the commissioning of T3, our retail footprint has registered a 30 % growth and today we are proud of our retail diversity and mix. At IGIA we now host over 500 reputed brands spread across 30000 Sq mtrs, catering to the diverse passenger profiles. We have tailored our retail showcase by continuously studying the evolving needs and preferences of our passengers – the Volvo Cars Lounge is one such unique offering. The alignment of Volvo’s brand philosophy of “Designed Around You” with our approach of customer centricity serves as the foundation for a long standing partnership between the two brands.”

Rohit Chopra, CEO, Tim Delhi Airport Advertising Pvt. Ltd. says, “The Volvo Cars Lounge will provide a totally different experience to the high-flyers wherein they can not only enjoy the lounge but the product as well. Now the passengers can touch and feel Volvo Cars at the lounge providing them a wholesome experience of the brand.”

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