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New Gen Tata Nano Electric Render – Reborn For Glory

While an official statement has not been issued, it is likely that Tata Nano Electric will be utilizing an entirely new platform

New Gen Tata Nano Electric Render
New Gen Tata Nano Electric Render

Nano was an ambitious project, aimed at providing a safer alternative to families using two-wheelers. Two adults with two or more children packed in a small space and riding on two wheels has been a common sight on the roads. Nano wanted to bring about a change, but somehow it didn’t generate the numbers, as needed to be viable from a business perspective.

Tata Nano was discontinued in 2018, even though it had garnered decent response at the time of its launch in 2008. While it failed to meet balance sheet requirements, it did manage to create a high brand recall. One can still find some of these on the streets and the car’s unconventional dimensions and cute profile are difficult to overlook. This is why there’s scope for Nano to be reborn in electric format.

Tata Nano electric design – Render

While it may take some time for Nano electric to hit the road, automotive design artist Pratyush Rout has come up with an exciting concept design of the micro-EV. The silhouette is familiar, but overall styling looks a lot more modern and fluid. Use of large glass panels creates an airy, likeable feel for the car. An all-glass top could work even better, but it may not be viable from a cost perspective.

Nano electric can be seen with large eyelid-shaped DRLs and compact headlamps. The bumper section has a smiley effect, which complements the car’s friendly vibes. Side panels have a sculpted look and feel and front doors have flush handles. Rear doors have the handles integrated into the C-pillar. Wheels are placed at the extreme edges, which ensures a longer wheelbase and spacious interiors.

New Gen Tata Nano Electric Render
New Gen Tata Nano Electric Render

With Nano electric, Tata may be aiming for the first-mover advantage in micro-EV segment. This space has been witnessing massive growth in international markets like China. Something similar can be expected for India, where currently entry-level hatchbacks dominate the numbers game.

New Nano EV range

Tata has been successful in creating electric versions of its popular cars like Nexon, Tigor and Tiago. Nano EV could be part of the same strategy. Tata is also getting ready to launch electric version of Punch in 2023.

However, with Nano electric, Tata may utilize a different approach. Nano electric could be based on a born electric platform and pack in more modern design aesthetics. Likely to be positioned as Tata’s most affordable electric car, Nano EV could have a range of around 200 km.

It will primarily cater to city commutes and can emerge as a preferred choice for folks who care about the environment. If sales numbers meet expectations, Nano electric could also be instrumental in reducing some of the smoke from heavily choked cities like Delhi, Gurugram, Noida, etc.

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