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New Greta Electric Scooters Launch Price Rs 60k Onwards – Range 100 Kms

Greta Electric Scooter Hyper ZX
Greta Electric Scooter Harper ZX

Vast untapped potential of electric two-wheeler segment has been consistently attracting new players from diverse business backgrounds

In terms of number of parts and complexity, electric two-wheelers are fairly easy to manufacture as compared to their petrol-powered counterparts. It explains why startups and tech companies are aggressively targeting this space.

Latest entrant in this segment is Greta Electric Scooters that has launched four new electric scooters. Greta is part of Raj Electromotives, which specializes in converting pedal powered bicycles, rickshaws, tricycles, and bikes to electric. The company had received approval for its electric scooters in 2019 from International Centre for Automotive Technology (ICAT).

Greta electric scooters

The four scooters launched by Greta are Harper, Harper ZX, Evespa and Glide. Each has different body styling and is offered in unique colour options. For example, Harper and Harper ZX have a sporty profile with prominent front apron, sharp body panels and sleek turn signals.

One key difference between the two is that Harper has dual headlamp unit whereas Harper ZX has single headlamp. Other features such as handlebar cowl, rear view mirrors, and seat are largely the same on both scooters. Pillion riders can expect extra comfort, as both scooters have backrest.

Greta Electric Scooter Evespa
Greta Electric Scooter Evespa

Evespa is a retro-styled electric scooter, quite similar to petrol-powered Vespa scooters. It comes with classic flat front apron, curvy body panels, round headlamp and round rear view mirrors. Turn signals are mounted on the front apron.

Greta Electric Scooter Harper
Greta Electric Scooter Harper

Fourth scooter Glide comes across as a futuristic, no-frills electric scooter. It has a unibody-styled design with a round headlamp mounted on the front apron. Glide also gets round rear-view mirrors. Other key features include flat handlebar, compact flyscreen and pillion backrest.

All four Greta scooters have a flat floorboard, which will come handy in everyday use. Powering the scooters will be 48-volt / 60-volt lithium-ion battery packs. On a full charge, the scooters will have range of 70km to 100km. Charging time from 0 to 100% is approximately four hours. Customers will have the option to choose from different configurations of battery packs.

Greta Electric Scooter Glide
Greta Electric Scooter Glide

Taken together, the four Greta scooters will be offered in 22 colour options. Features that are common across all four scooters include digital instrument cluster, ATA system, reverse mode, anti-theft alarm and keyless start. In terms of hardware, Harper, Harper ZX and Evespa are equipped with drum disc combo braking. Glide has disc brakes at both ends. All four scooters offer above average storage space.

Greta e-scooters global expansion

Greta is already operational in international locations such as Nepal. They have two showrooms currently and have plans to open more. Greta is also carrying out tests in Europe and is hopeful of getting legal approval soon. Post approval, Greta electric scooters will be available in multiple European countries.

In domestic market, Great electric scooters are priced in the range of Rs 60k to Rs 92k. The company is working to expand its dealer network across the country.

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