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New Honda Activa Premium Edition Scooter Teased – Launch Soon

Honda Activa 6G was launched in 2020 and was the torch bearer for BS6 engines on Activa series

New Honda Activa Premium Edition Scooter
New Honda Activa Premium Edition Scooter

Honda India has a massive pull on scooter segment in India. Activa brand is so popular that it is synonymous with scooters and is a default choice for most scooter buyers in India. There was a time when this spot was enjoyed by Bajaj. Scooter meant Bajaj.

But today, when looking at sales charts, Activa absolutely annihilates the competition. So, how can Honda better a product that is already a force to reckon with? We could get a new generation of this legend. But it looks like Honda is just offering a limited edition Activa 6G.

New Honda Activa Premium Edition

Honda’s teasers for new Activa are still limited to exteriors though. None of them reveal the engine specs and actual changes this new scooter will bring to the table. Looking at the exterior of this new Activa that is teased by Honda, we are hard pressed to pinpoint what exactly the changes are. Because it looks identical to the Activa 6G.

This raises the question if this is Activa 7G or Futuristic Activa Electric that was recently announced by Honda or just a limited edition of the already on sale Activa 6G. Going by Honda’s past records, there is a high possibility that it might be a limited edition version of the Activa 6G like Dio Sports limited edition that was recently launched.

New Honda Activa Premium Edition
New Honda Activa Premium Edition

Activa 3G was launched in Feb 2015, Activa 4G was launched in Feb 2017, Activa 5G was launched in March 2018 and Activa 6G was launched in Jan 2020. Seeing a pattern here? Honda has always launched new generations of Activa in Q1 of a fiscal year. So, chances of a new generation of Activa in Q3 of this fiscal year sound meek, doesn’t it?

Also, the second teaser looked like it had a matte-finished green paint scheme and gold-coloured vents on its apron. This colour scheme was never on offer before. Right now, Activa 6G is offered in eight colours and doesn’t get a matte green shade. It gets Matte Mature Brown, Pearl Nightstar Black, Matte Axis Grey Metallic, Matte Magnificent Copper Metallic, Pearl precious White, Decent Blue, Red Rebel Metallic, and lastly, Black.

Specs & Price

New Honda Activa Premium Edition may get matt blue colour shade that was teased in the first teaser and a matte green shade too. Honda Activa 6G was the torch bearer for BS6 scooters and it is the best Activa to date, if you ask us. It gets a decently peppy 110cc motor making 7.68 bhp of power and 8.79 Nm of torque.

More teasers from Honda in the coming days are very likely. In terms of pricing, limited editions might cost around Rs. 2,000 more than regular shades. It is also likely to get Standard and Deluxe variants too. Deluxe trim gets LED headlights and DRLs. It is likely to get alloy wheels on the limited edition Activa 6G Deluxe variant as we saw with Dio sports. This limited edition Activa 6G will be launched around the festive season.

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