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New Honda Activa Smart Delivery Starts – First Ride, Mileage Test

India’s best-selling scooter, Honda Activa gets more advanced and smarter with a host of class leading, first in segment features

Honda Activa Smart Delivery Starts - First Ride
Honda Activa Smart Delivery Starts. Image – Harsh Verma.

Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India launched the new Activa OBD2 compliant scooter ahead of its April 2023 deadline. Offered in three variants of Standard, Deluxe and Smart, prices are at Rs 74,536, Rs 77,036 and Rs 80,537 (ex-showroom), respectively. It is being presented in 6 colour options of Pearl Siren Blue (new), Decent Blue Metallic, Rebel Red Metallic, Black, Pearl Precious White and Matte Axis Grey Metallic.

From April 2023, vehicles need to possess on-board diagnostic device (OBD) to monitor real time driving emission levels. The OBD will monitor key parts to ensure compliance with these new emission standards such as the catalytic converter and oxygen sensors. The device will indicate via warning lights when the vehicle has to be taken in for servicing.

New Honda Activa Smart Test Ride

Honda Activa 2023 is HMSI’s first OBD2 (on-board diagnostics) compliant two-wheeler. It gets several smart features and technological innovations along with new patent applications with Smart Unlock, Smart Start, Smart Find and Smart Safe.

Smart Find with the answer back button allows for easy locating of the scooter with all four blinkers blinking twice to locate the scooter. With the Smart Unlock feature users can unlock the vehicle without a physical key. In the event of the system noting no activity for 20 minutes following activation, the scooter gets deactivated. With deliveries now started, take a look at the first ride report of the new Honda Activa Smart as well as mileage test below, credit to Gear Update.

Honda Activa 2023 also gets Smart Start so that the scooter can be started without manually inserting key, if the Smart Key is within range of 2 meters of the vehicle. The rider can start the scooter by rotating the knob on Lock Mod to ignition position and push the start button. Smart Safe offers added safety for the Activa 2023. It gets a Mapped Smart ECU that acts as a security by electronically matching between ECU and SMART Key to prevent theft. This smart key comes with an immobilizer that exclusively allows only a registered user to operate the vehicle

Design and Technology

Activa 2023 also comes in with a new design and added technology. New alloy wheels, 3D emblem, several chrome elements and a redesigned LED headlamp along with silver grab rail, new rear tail lamp and side blinkers are a part of these updated features. It gets a Passing Switch that offers control over high beam/low beam and passing signal from one single switch.

Features include a 12 inch front wheel, a longer wheelbase relating to more floor space and class leading ground clearance. For more durability, the new Activa Smart also gets a full metal body while it is fitted with a double lid fuel opening system and 18 liter under seat storage.

Power and performance is enhanced via the OBD compliant 110cc PGM-FI engine with Enhanced Smart Power (eSP) technology. This new tech minimizes friction and offers silent start. The engine with ACG starter allows for smoother start. As per the mileage test, Honda Activa 2023 mileage stands at 50+ kmpl for rider, with pillion might decline to below 50 kmpl. New Activa Smart gets a Combi-Brake System (CBS) with Equalizer. Suspension is telescopic in the front and 3-step adjustable suspension at the rear. HMSI has also announced the plans to launch Activa Electric scooter in Jan 2024.

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