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Jawa to launch 3 new motorcycles – Perak, off road, Scrambler ?

Jawa to launch 3 new motorcycles
Jawa brand CEO with the Perak, Jawa, 42 at launch event last year.

Launched on 15th November 2018, Jawa motorcycles is getting ready to celebrate its first anniversary in India. To make the event more special, Mahindra owned Classic Legends have planned some interesting announcements.

In an interview with The Hindu, CEO of Jawa brand, Ashish Joshi has revealed that the company has plans to launch 3 new motorcycles. These 3 new Jawas will come with different engines and cater to a different segment of buyers.

Launch of these three new Jawa motorcycles will take place over the next 18 months. More details were not revealed. Ashish Joshi said that more details will be revealed on 15th November, 2019, which is when the brand celebrates its 1st anniversary in India.

Jawa Scrambler by Autologue. Image for ref.

Considering that the Jawa Perak was showcased last year, one of these new Jawa could be the Perak. Last year it was revealed that Perak will be launched by July 2019. But then the same was pushed to Sep 2019, and now it has been pushed to end of 2019.

Compared to the Jawa 42 and the Jawa Classic 300, the Perak is powered by a more powerful 334 cc single cylinder engine. This delivers 30 hp and 31 Nm. The former two get a 300 cc engine which delivers about 27 hp. Jawa has mentioned about 3 new motorcycles. If one of them is Perak, what could be the other two?

Just before launch last year, Jawa had released many sketches, as teasers. Of the teasers, only three were showcased at the launch event – Jawa, Jawa 42 and Perak. The other two sketches which did not materialize into an actual bike, were the off-road styled Jawa, and the Scrambler Jawa. It is possible that post the launch of Perak, Jawa plans to launch an off-road variant of Jawa and a scrambler variant of Jawa.

Apart from the teasers last year, hints of Jawa scrambler were seen this year as well. Jawa had showcased a scrambler concept at the Jawa Day in Bangalore this July. This was a Jawa commissioned custom project, which was built by Autologue Design.

Whatever be the 3 new motorcycles, this is good news for Jawa enthusiasts. By 2021, Jawa plans to have 5 motorcycles on sale. Jawa claims that they have increased production, and this has resulted in waiting period being reduced to up to 7 months. Waiting period earlier was up to 10 months.


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