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New Kia electric crossover launch in 2021 – 11 Kia EVs by 2025

kia electric crossover

Kia Motors has a lot planned for the impending ‘EV boom’ in the global automotive market. This includes the launch of an all-electric crossover in 2021.

Kia Motors has announced a new strategy to spearhead ICE-EV transition and major mobility solutions by 2025. With the new ‘Plan S’ initiative, the South Korean brand aims to launch a dedicated EV product in 2021 in a bid to attain a portfolio of 11 electric vehicles by the end of 2025. The global EV market is expected to strengthen itself by 2026 and Kia is targeting an annual EV sales figure of 5 lakh units in a hope to hit 1 million eco-friendly product sales globally (excluding the Chinese market).

The focus lies on autonomous vehicles and other mobility innovations as well. Under Plan S, Kia Motors will invest around 25 billion US dollars by the end of 2025 with a targeted profit margin of 6 per cent. Kia Motors claims it’s a brand loved by millennials all around the globe and expects the same welcome from Gen-Z buyers who are greatly inclined to technology and eco-friendly modes of transportation.

Kia Sonet sub 4m SUV

Coming back to the EV due for 2021, the four-wheeler will be developed on a unique architecture specifically designed and engineered to incorporate its class-leading powertrain and battery technologies. It will essentially be a crossover sporting a futuristic user experience, a minimum range figure of 500 kilometres on a full charge and a revolutionary sub-20-minute charging time.

Across the upcoming EV portfolio, there would be two main powertrain choices with different charging capabilities: 400V and 800V; to create high-performance and affordable derivatives of the same platform. Furthermore, the platform could be used to produce a wider range of products based on the diverse needs of potential buyers.

As for the markets dominated by Kia’s ICE products, the company will initially conduct a feasibility study to understand if the introduction of a new EV would be a good decision and if yes, which EV should be given selective priority. Of course, practicality and desirability aspects of an electric vehicle heavily depend on the supporting infrastructure such as charging facilities. To address this concern, Kia Motors has already teamed up with the Croatian performance EV manufacturer, Rimac Automobili, as well as IONITY; a pioneer in the field of high-speed charging infrastructure.

At present, the Kia Niro EV is the most successful electric product in the brand’s global portfolio, alongside the likes of the Soul EV. The Niro EV is powered by a permanent-magnet motor that generates 201bhp and close to 400Nm of torque while coupled to a 64kWh battery pack. It boasts of an EPA-rated range of 385km on a full charge. Kia Motors is readying to introduce the 2021 Kia Soul EV.

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