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New Kinetic Green Electric Scooters Launch Planned – Partners With Chinese EV Maker

New Kinetic Electric Scooters Planned
New Kinetic Electric Scooters Planned. Image – Aima Tech

The partnership will see a buildup in E2W business and increase production capacities to 5 lakh units a year over next two years

Kinetic Green Energy & Power Solutions have entered into a partnership with China-based electric vehicle giant, Aima Technology Group. This association will see co-design and development of electric two-wheelers for the Indian market.

The two companies together plan launch of at least 3 new models by 2023 which will also include models from Aima based on an advanced high speed scooter platform. Aima Tech is one of the leading EV makers in China. As per their website, they export a range of electric scooters in bulk. Most of these electric scooters are priced in the range of $400 to $650 – approx Rs 30k to Rs 45k.

Made In India Electric Scooters

These new scooters which will be launched by Kinetic Green, will be made in India. Aima will assist Kinetic in design while it will also support the latter in terms of modification and localization so as to cater to the demands of India buyers. A target is to build up production capacities to 5 lakh units a year over the next two years.

Pune based Kinetic Green Energy & Power Solutions, after launching a range of electric three-wheelers in the country about four years ago, entered the E2W market in 2021. Kinetic Green launched two electric scooters – Kinetic Zing and Kinetic Zoom last year.

Aima Tech Electric Scooter
Aima Tech Electric Scooter

It has since built up its presence in this segment and is today among one of India’s top E2W players. The impetus into this segment is due to the ever increasing prices of petrol. Favorable Government of India policies have also made buyers show more interest in this segment while the fast evolving EV ecosystem also plays a very important role in its success even as the electric segment is poised for even more rapid growth in the years ahead.

Aima has also been witness to the growth of green mobility in India, initiated by the FAME II subsidies offered by the Government of India and added incentives released by various state governments in terms of purchase of electric vehicles. Growth in this segment, specifically over the past year, which resulted in a YoY E2W growth of 631 percent is particularly noteworthy.

Aima Tech

Aima has a portfolio of over 1000 models that include E2W, E3W and E4. AIMA has gained increasing recognition in the EV market with its flagship models that include Tiger X613, the N600 and A500. The company has a global presence and operates in 87 countries with sales of over 50,000,000 E2W units till date.

Aima Tech Website
Aima Tech Website

It is among the best in the industry in terms of technology development and R&D. The company also has heavy investments in technology R&D specifically in terms of design besides 3D digital modelling, IoT and smart technology.

Together with Kinetic Green Energy, Aima will also strive to build up a strong electric vehicle system with state of the art supply chains and fast charging system. It will also pay close attention to battery swapping and long range electric vehicles.

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