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New Mahindra Marazzo gifted to fisherman for helping people during Kerala floods

The state of Kerala battled with the worst ever flood situation the state has seen in over 100 years. Lakhs of people were displaced, thousands of crores were damaged in property and many lost their lives.

But in spite of such tough situations, there were individuals who made it a point to go out there and help people who were stuck in flood. One such individual is a local fisherman, Mr Jaisal. For his heroic efforts during the Kerala floods, Mahindra and its dealer in Calicut, Eram Motors has gifted Mr Jaisal a brand new Marazzo MPV.

Mr Jaisal with his new Marazzo on the left. On the right, is the photo which made him a local hero – helping old woman climb rescue boat during Kerala floods.

The new Mahindra Marazzo was handed over to Mr Jaisal at the Eram Motors dealership in Calicut by Kerala Minister for labour T P Ramakrishnan in the presence of Eram Group Chairman and MD Siddeek Ahmed.

Mr Jaisal is no less than a celebrity now because of a video which went viral last month. This video showed Mr Jaisal lie down in flooded water, with face down. He did this so as to help old women, and children to get on rescue boats by letting them climb on his back and walk over to the boats. This became a big news, not only in Kerala, but all over the globe. You can watch the his heroic video below.

Local media reports that Mr Jaisal is an extremely poor guy who is living in a tiny hut. He is part of a group of individuals that has been helping people for years, wherever there is an accident on road or some kind of rescue help is needed.

When asked how does he feel after being felicitated and gifted a brand new Mahindra Marazzo, Mr Jaisal said that he is very happy with the gift and he plans on using this car to continue rescuing people. Despite being extremely poor he has always spent on helping people in crisis like accident or calamities.

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