New Maruti Alto 800 TVC – What a complete waste of resources

Manufacturers love catering to the larger audience through advertisements. The trend’s been rampant with the frequency of car / bike TVCs on the rise. With a more informed audience today, the need of the hour is to tap into market research to cater to what the audience wants.

The new Maruti Alto 800 TVC takes you back to the 70’s but sort of forgets to tune back in. The minute long TVC sees a family of four out on a drive with ‘My Heart Is Beating’ from the film Julie playing. Both men in the car start serenading their respective partners. There’s ample lip syncing and blushing.

Maruti Alto 800 TVC (2)

It’s difficult to fathom which family behaves in this peculiar manner, where father and son have found a drive in a small car the opportune moment to romance their wives. Well, the day goes on, and they head to the beach at sunset and enjoy a romantic evening.

On the way back, just like that both father and son choose to sleep. And yes, you can lean onto the driver and sleep. It must have been all that showy romance and caressing that did them in. Anyway, it’s a perfect waste of a great song from thirty years ago.

Updated Maruti Alto 800 was launched earlier this year in May. One of the smallest car on offer in the country, it is also India’s best seller. Surprisingly, Maruti’s small car segment (which comprises of Alto and WagonR) has posted decline in sales for all months this year.

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