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New Maruti Swift accessory list revealed along with price details

The all new 2018 Maruti Swift, showcased at the recently concluded Auto Expo will receive several sporty accessories. This premium hatchback with a floating roof design, new alloy wheels and LED lights at the front and rear will be presented with a selection of 6 roof wraps that include Wave Runner, Carbon Bolt, Beat Rider, Energetic Sprinter, Electric Dash and Wing Glider. Each of these are seen in a unique design that accentuates the sporty stance of the new Swift.

Options include 38 customization accessories among which are door visor, fog lamp, bumper corner protector, garnish on C pillar, front bumper and rear bumper besides LED door step guard, 10 types of seat cover, remote locking, and spoiler.

Interior accessories include woofer amplifier, touchscreen multimedia, reverse parking sensors and navigation system along with air inflator, vacuum cleaner, air purifier, car care kit and car duster. All these genuine accessories for the new Maruti Swift are being offered through the iCreate option. Buyers can visit their website and select the range of accessories to customize the new Swift. Warranty of cars customized by through iCreate remains intact.

The third generation Maruti Swift hatchback is now available in 4 trims – L, V, Z and Z+ and priced from INR 4.99 – 8.29 lakhs. It receives a contemporary design and comes in equipped with a five speed Automated Manual Gearbox. It is powered by the same engine lineup seen on its earlier counterpart. These include a 1.2 liter petrol engine offering 83 hp peak power and a 1.3 liter Fiat sourced multi-jet diesel engine offering 75 hp power.

Below is the full list of accessories with prices (excluding taxes).

Sr. Accessories Variants Price
1 Body Cover L, V, Z, Z+ 1290
2 Door Visor

L, V, Z, Z+ 990
3 LED Door Step Guard L, V, Z, Z+ 3590
4 Graphics (Roof Wrap + Hood) L, V, Z, Z+ 10,000
5 Fog Lamp L, V, (Standard on Z and Z+) 3490
6 MAT L, V, Z, Z+ 1790
7 Boot Mat L, V, Z, Z+ 400
8 Bumper Corner Protector L, V, Z, Z+ 1090
9 Front Grille Garnish L, V, Z, Z+ 1690
10 C-pillar Chrome Garnish L, V, Z, Z+ 490
11 Front Bumper garnish 890
12 Rear Bumper Garnish L, V, Z, Z+ 1390
13 Back Door garnish L, V, Z, Z+ 790
14 Fog Lamp Garnish L, V, Z, Z+ 790
15 Tail-lamp Garnish L, V, Z, Z+ 1090
16 Window Frame kit L, V, Z, Z+ 1590
17 Front Power Window L (Standard on V, Z and Z+) 6990
18 Seat Cover L, V, Z, Z+ 6490
19 Remote Locking L (Standard on V, Z and Z+) 4000
20 Spoiler L, V, Z, Z+ 3490
21 Flocking L, V, Z, Z+ 5000
22 Styling Kit L, V, Z, Z+ 16,560
23 Interior Styling Kit L, V, Z, Z+ 4690
24 Woofer Amplifier L, V, Z, Z+ 18,000
25 Touchscreen Multimedia L,V,Z (Standard on Z+) 26,990
26 Reverse Parking Sensors L,V (Standard on Z and Z+) 4000
27 Reverse parking camera L,V,Z (Standard on Z+) 5000
28 Navigation System L, V, Z, (Standard on Z+) 13,000
29 Air Inflator L, V, Z, Z+ 2100
30 Vacuum Cleaner L, V, Z, Z+ 990
31 Air Purifier L, V, Z, Z+ 4500
32 Car Care Kit L, V, Z, Z+ 1599
33 Car Duster L, V, Z, Z+ 350
34 Mobile Charger L, V, Z, Z+ 690
35 Cushion L, V, Z, Z+ 1700
36 Steering Cover L, V, Z, Z+ 790
37 God Idol L, V, Z, Z+ 290
38 Bluetooth L, (Standard on V,Z andZ+) 2590


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