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New Maruti Suzuki Swift convertible, would you fancy one?

Popular automotive rendering artist X-Tomi has come up with yet another wishful thought. The new Maruti Swift Convertible isn’t something that the automaker has in its pipeline but here is a speculative rendering to help you decide if you would like one anyway.

The new Maruti Swift made its global debut on 27th this month. Based on the same, X-Tomi has come up with a render, which will surely find more than a few buyers, if the car entered production that is.

The topless small car’s rendering is based on the new gen two-door Swift Sport. The tight-fitting roof is no doubt one of the salient visual features of the Swift’s widely acclaimed design but the hatch looks no less impressive without it.

Would you buy one?

There is no single awkward angle and we can’t help but think that Suzuki could pull it off if at all it decides to develop a convertible Swift based on the next gen model. Considering that Suzuki’s next gen small car platform features a strengthened floor pan, a convertible project wouldn’t be too much of a technical challenge.

This is not the first time a topless Swift has been rendered. Theophilus Chin had also rendered a topless version of the old Swift. See the images below.
The hypothetical Maruti Swift Convertible could be marketed as an affordable and fun little open top car. The Swift’s proven powertrain lineup and handling characteristics would certainly add to the character. It could be positioned as a cheaper alternative to the premium compact open-top cars like the MINI Convertible, Fiat 500 Cabrio and VW Beetle Convertible.

Do you like the idea of a Maruti Swift Convertible? Let us know your views in the comments section below.

Via – Theophiluschin.com, xtomi

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