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New MG Micro Electric SUV Concept – Jimny, Bronco Inspired?

Based on Baojun Kiwi EV powertrain, this new Micro electric SUV is likely to get dual motors with 100+ bhp of power and 4WD

New MG Micro Electric SUV Concept
New MG Micro Electric SUV Concept

Baojun, as an automotive manufacturer, comes under the umbrella of SAIC-GM-Wuling. SAIC Motor owns the rights for the MG brand and MG Motor India is a subsidiary of this company. Most cars that MG Motor sells in India are produced by SAIC-GM-Wuling. When we saw Wuling Air EV undergoing testing in India recently, it will be launched under MG brand.

For example, the Hector that we have in India, is actually a Baojun 530. When Baojun or Wuling showcases a new product on home turf, there is a good chance of that coming to India under MG brand. Not every product will make its way. You get the point. What caught our eye recently is Baojun Micro electric SUV concept that is likely to be finalized for China in the coming years.

Looking at it, we couldn’t help but wonder if it would make it to India. We already know that MG is toying around with the idea of launching small electric vehicles in India. They have plans to launch a small electric car under Rs 10 lakh next year.

MG Micro Electric SUV

These small EVs are popular in China too. For example, Wuling Hongguang Mini EV, which we recently covered, is currently China’s highest-selling vehicle. It is offered in a convertible avatar too and is a cute little vehicle fit for China’s congestion. We hope MG considers this as an option for India.

New MG Micro Electric SUV Concept
New MG Micro Electric SUV Concept

MG Micro electric SUV is currently in concept phase. In terms of looks, we can spot multiple vehicles in it at once. It has hints of Ford Bronco, Suzuki Jimny and even Toyota FJ Cruiser for that matter. When seen as a whole, it does appear quite nice with its contrasting roof and cute but butch appearance. The LED DRLs, front towing hooks, and alloy wheels make it appear very stylish.

Even though it is set to be under 3m in length, MG Micro electric SUV gets a lot of muscle to flex. And flex, it does. It gets roof rails, bulging wheel arches and muscular fenders, hooks in bumpers, a tall face and a lot more. The grille design is imposing and FJ Cruiser inspired contrasting roof is a particular highlight.

EV Platform

Coming to what powers this cute electric SUV, details are not known. But speculations revolve around Baojun Kiwi city EV’s powertrain. Baojun Kiwi EV is also known as Baojun E300 and is related to Wuling Hongguang Mini EV and Wuling Air EV. Now you understand why this small SUV that is still in concept phase, is so interesting, don’t you?

Baojun Kiwi EV is powered by a 54 bhp motor and is only offered in rear motor and rear wheel drive configuration. For this SUV, dual motors with 100+ bhp of power and 4WD are also likely. Coming to its battery, a 39 kWh pack is offered on Kiwi EV. The same is likely to be offered with MG Micro electric SUV as well. A production version of this concept is likely to break cover soon.

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