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New MG Mulan Electric Car Debuts – 5G Internet, 0 To 100 Kmph In 4s

MG Mulan is a new gen Global Electric car – Safety to match stringent EU standards for sales in Europe

2022 MG Mulan Electric
2022 MG Mulan Electric

MG Motor is keen on global expansion. And the world is now more receptive to electric cars. Sales target for Europe is in the region of 1.2 lakh units this year, and this will include MG Mulan, the manufacturer’s newest electric car offering.

Built on the Nebula electric platform, the 5-door unit is MG’s first global EV for Europe. Known as Mulan in China, it would wear the MG 4 moniker in export markets. The hatch sits at 4,300 mm, slightly smaller than Nissan Leaf. Mulan EV goes from 0-100 km/h in 4 seconds.

New MG Mulan Electric Car

On the design front, MG Mulan Electric is sharp and stylistic. The elements come together with its LED headlight, and taillights, sporty rear spoiler, and panoramic sunroof. Black elements for contrast are visible in almost all aspects of exterior design including the front air intake grille.

The logo in front is positioned on the lip above the front grille. In the rear, it’s positioned in the middle of the wraparound taillight system. A high-density battery shaves off volume from the unit for reduced battery thickness. This in turn translates to increased cabin space.

2022 MG Mulan Electric
2022 MG Mulan Electric

In keeping with stringent EU norms, MG Mulan fortifies its battery zero thermal runway to prevent it from catching fire or an incident of thermal runaway. The latter occurs in case of battery cell short circuit causing intense heat up, leading to fire. The Nebula platform caters to electric cars. MG Mulan / MG4 fits the slim LBS (Lithium Battery System) under the car’s floor.

MG CyberE, Mulan EV

Patented as MG CyberE, Mulan EV sales are expected to contribute significantly to volume increase in the years to come. Designed for Level 3 autonomous driving, Mulan features a smart cockpit with 5G connectivity. The link rear suspension has been deeply cultivated in driving control.

While the MG ZS EV is available overseas as a FWD, Mulan / MG4 will be available as a RWD. This in turn helps keep up with quick petrol-powered AWD hot hatches in European markets. While RWD is mentioned, no details regarding motor (s) in use are yet available. MG aims to take in mid range electric cars from Tesla with the new Mulan.

2022 MG Mulan Electric
2022 MG Mulan Electric

SAIC Nebula platform

SAIC had announced new battery systems and vehicle platforms to advance vehicle tech. They include SAIC Nebula pure electric only platform, SAIC Everest for oil and electricity integrated vehicle architecture, and SAIC Xinghe for electric and hydrogen integrated vehicle architecture.

MG ZS EV is currently sold in India too. Through 2021, the auto manufacturer reported 2.8k units sold here. Despite a single offering which isn’t in the entry price point segment, MG’s EV sales in India have been positive. In April 2022, MG EV sales were just shy of 250 units.

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