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New Nissan logo (and ‘Z’) revealed – Simple and monochromatic

The new ‘Nissan’ and ‘Z’ logos are expected to debut with the next-generation 370Z sportscar

Japanese automaker Nissan is heading to a new direction with a fresh company logo. The current ‘Nissan’ badge took shape back in 2012 to align with the official slogan, ‘Innovation that excites’. One can expect the brand to introduce a new slogan alongside the revamped logo. Furthermore, the brand is also improvising the iconic ‘Z’ emblem.

The new ‘Nissan’ logo is simple, minimal, two-dimensional and monochromatic. Nissan is not the only brand that has opted the minimalism philosophy for its latest logo. For instance, MINI, BMW and even Kia have made a similar approach. In the world of design, minimalism creates a sense of modernism and timelessness. In other words, it stays away from ‘short-lived trends’ despite being a form of trend by itself.

New Nissan Z Logo
The new Nissan ‘Z’ logo

Nissan first hinted a logo change in the Ariya electric crossover concept that was unveiled in October 2019. However, the example you see here is significantly different from that even though both are minimal in appearance. As per reports, the new logo has been registered in Great Britain, Uruguay, Peru, Chile and Argentina. Despite being a marked shift from the current logo, the new design stays true to the construction of the original blue/red emblem from the 1930s (derived from Datsun). Meanwhile, for the Indian market, the company is working on an all-new compact-SUV.

Coming to the new ‘Z’ logo, the company has poured some nostalgia. Hardcore Nissan or JDM fans will instantly recognise the design from the S30 Datsun 240Z aka the Fairlady, of the ‘70s. In the later generations of the sportscar, the ‘Z’ logo went through some updates to reach the format we see today.

The new Nissan ‘Z’ logo was leaked from a trademark application filed with the Canadian government. Unlike the next-gen serif “NISSAN” font, the “Z” is in a sans-serif format. The upgraded ‘Z’ logo also throws light on the upcoming Nissan 370Z. Though we do not know much about the sportscar, trusted sources suggest that it would be a hybrid.

The current-gen Nissan 370Z (or Fairlady Z Z34) made its global debut for the 2009 model year. It has crossed a decade on the market and has not received any major update over the years. The sportscar is powered by a 3.7-litre NA V6 that makes around 330bhp (market-dependent) and 365Nm of torque while mated to a 6-speed manual or 7-speed automatic. The performance-focused Nismo 370Z churns out 350bhp and 374Nm while being significantly lighter and re-engineered.


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