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Photos of Audi Q2 mini SUV’s Cuban vacation emerge online

The Audi Q2 mini premium SUV which made its world premiere at the Geneva Motor Show made a trip to Havanna, the capital city of Cuba for the official photo shoot. This is the first time the crossover was photographed in a public environment.

Audi’s choice of Cuba for the Q2’s photo shoot doesn’t appear to be random. The nation lifted its sanctions on importing cars a few years ago and this is a good time to promote an entry level premium SUV.

As you can see from the pictures, the Q2 looks futuristic amidst Havanna’s old American cars of yesteryear, thereby further enhancing its modern appeal. To be positioned below the Q3 which itself is a compact crossover, the pocket sized SUV will be targeting young and successful urban audience.

The Q2 adopts understated lines and relies on instant recognizability rather than outright road presence. The interior design too has been kept simple and familiar. Despite its size, the baby crossover is packed with modern features, not the least of which is the Virtual Cockpit (configurable TFT display).

The car is equipped with a range of TSI petrol and TDI diesel engines, mated to manual and automatic transmissions. The higher variants will benefit from the Quattro all-wheel-drive system.

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Audi India officials have stated earlier that the company is still undecided on whether to launch the Q2 here or not.