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New Rolls Royce Ghost crashes into a Mumbai footpath during first drive

A brand new Rolls Royce Ghost which was on its first early morning drive, has crashed in Juhu, Mumbai. The ultra-luxury car is wearing a temporary registration number plate from Pondicherry. The accident spot is the access path to Citizen Hotel Juhu, which sits on the beach.

The mishap occurred on the access road near the rickshaw stand. The vehicle appears to have gone onto the footpath next to a bus-stop. It has then careened to the right going off the footpath and breaking bits of a low wall that separates the footpath from an open drain. While the tow vehicle was awaited, the incident did attract a crowd nearby. Upfront, the bumper has taken a real walloping.

On road price of a new Rolls Royce Ghost is in the region of Rs 7 crore.

A police team arrived in good time. Unfortunately, the tow vehicle’s arrival didn’t put the crashed Ghost out of its misery. Owing to the angle of the crash, it wasn’t as easy as backing up into the tow bed. The vehicle had to back up a wee bit, and maintain balance on the thin broken wall with compromised suspension that left it much like a see-saw, thereby leaving the rear too close to the ground, which made it all the more difficult to back the car up fully.

Even with the tow cable in place, the rear risked backing up into the truck bed edge rather that onto it. It took public help and guidance, and many eyes watching each mm to help rescue the battered Ghost worth Rs 7 crore.

The poster behind the crashed Rolls Royce reads – “De-Congest Roads.”

Rolls Royce operates two showrooms in India. One in Delhi and the other in Bombay. This puts the likely point of purchase for the ill fated Ghost as Rolls-Royce Navnit Motors. The temp car could well be on its way back to Pondicherry after purchase and this was just a test run.

Pondicherry has long been a favoured by big car owners owing to lower tax. Owners need only prove residence in the city for registration and this can be orchestrated through rental agreements. The Motor Vehicles Department has already become vigilant in this regard and has stepped up its crackdown on sportscars and luxury cars registered here.

This is a blog in progress, and will be updated if further details are available.

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