New Royal Enfield motorcycle catches fire after just 4 km of riding

Royal Enfield has been the news for all the wrong reasons recently, thanks to Himalayan. This time it is not due to Himalayan.

This particular Royal Enfield Classic 350, which was thought to be safely parked in the owner’s garage burst into flames and was burnt to cinders, as per the owner. Sumit Mantri, the owner from Gauwhati sent images of this completely burnt Royal Enfield Classic 350 proving the occurrence.

Mantri states that the bike was purchased three months ago. On 9th June, Mantri had rode the bike for just 4 kms and then parked in his garage. 15 minutes later, he was informed that his bike was on fire. He immediately rushed down to the garage to find it completely engulfed in flames. Fire tenders arrived on the spot and doused the flames but the bike was beyond rescue. As the garage was locked, it is not a case of arson, says Mantri.

Reaching out to the company dealership yielded no help. Below is the full post of Mantri which he had posted on the Royal Enfield page –

Royal Enfield Bike on fire – RE CLASSIC 350 caught fire while PARKED

“It was shocking and extremely scary what happened to my 3 months old Bullet. I had driven it around 4 km (09/06/2017) and parked it in the parking of my building. After around 20 min, I was informed that my bike was on fire. My brain was not ready to believe this and I ran down to see it for myself wishing it was not true. When I witnessed it, my heart sank. Never could I imagine that this would happen to my bike and that too of such a high brand. My neighbors quickly moved their cars around and the fire was only brought to control by the Fire Brigade. I am so thankful that this did not happen at night as the damage could have been much much worse.

Even though all this happened, I was feeling confident that I could sort this out with Royal Enfield. But I did not realize that another shock awaits me.

On informing the showroom that my bike caught on fire while standing in my garage, I got this amazing response, “This would be a manufacturing/Royal Enfield issue if the fire would have started while the bike was running !!!”. WOW. Never in a million years did I expect this response. If I was in the hospital with burns on my body or WORSE, Royal Enfield would have accepted it as a manufacturing defect. Instead, they are asking me to go my insurance company and take the matter with them. Amazing customer service. My family has requested me to stop driving a bike fearing for my safety now.

I have read and seen, westerners and even western celebrities talking about riding these bikes during visits which is considered as an Indian treasure. After this, I hope they reconsider for their safety.
I sincerely hope this is a local representative issue and not the approach that Royal Enfield takes for customer safety and service.

This is not an isolated incident. Refer to the same issue reported in 2014.

I am not sure what is going to happen next and how am I going to be compensated for my loss. Just have a look at the picture and you will understand how lucky I was.”

Royal Enfield has been bogged down with a host of complaints recently. Many RE owners have posted complaints on social media, about having issues with RE motorcycles. The company has been actively trying to sort these issues out.