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Do you think you are adventurous? Wait until you watch the new season of The Grand Tour

Another year, and The Grand Tour season two is ready to be aired beginning on December 8. Follow the episodes on every subsequent Friday.

Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May made a quick shift from the former show to the internet based Amazon Prime Video platform. The latest teaser, titled ‘Making of The Grand Tour Season 2: Celebrities’ points at one more segment undergoing change. Following the travelling tent, and The American (Mike Skinner) exiting, it now seems Celebrity Brain Crash segment too is no longer going to be part of the regular format. The travelling tent was dropped keeping in mind the health of the trio through their adventurous sojourns.

The latest behind the scenes video sees Jeremy Clarkson confirm that Amazon Prime Video has decided to do away with Celebrity Brain Crash. The celebrity segment saw every celebrity character killed off, and thereby unable to make it to the show.

Whether or not there’s a celebrity presence will only be unearthed when the adventure begins.. While Clarkson saws off an Alfa Romeo in half and attempts to make people drive it, there’s plenty of celeb hints with Clarkson putting crew members behind the wheel of the half Alfa Romeo as representative of Hollywood A-listers, Dakota Fanning, and Michelle Pfeifer.

There’s hope cause the adventurous half car driving stint ends with the idea – ‘this time with celebrities (that don’t die). And if it’s half a car going for lap times, rest assured you can forget any scope of reversing, or car control. It’s wheels pulling a metallic sled with a mind of its own designed to make drivers accept defeat.

With the Celebrity Brain Crash segment being entirely staged, something in its place could jolly well keep up with the rest of the show that sees the trio travel and drive cars to breaking point whenever possible.

Back in June, Richard Hammond had to be airlifted to hospital from Hemberg Hill Climb in Switzerland. Hammond was driving the Rimac Concept One electric supercar, and crashed following which the car went up in flames. We’re soon going to see how that went down once Grand Tour season two goes live.


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