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New Skoda Fabia ad shows how you can connect yourself to the car, or not

The new generation Skoda Fabia is not only lighter, sportier and more spacious, it is also the most technologically advanced Fabia ever. In order to explain one of the best features (Smartlink sync) on board the new Fabia, a salesperson in Australia has performed a prank on unsuspecting customers.

The salesperson has a USB port embedded onto his right forearm, which is made to look like a real surgical implant, which in reality is not. But the customers don’t know that. Then the salesperson connects the car’s system to his artificial USB port and performs a series of car-related tasks, which amazes the customers.

Once impressed by the new feature and how easily they are being performed, the salesperson tells unsuspecting customers that they will need to undergo a small surgery in order to have this feature on board their new Fabia. To which, customers are taken aback. But when he reveals that it was a fake implant, and you can have all the features which he just showed by connecting the cable to your smartphone, the customers are left pleasantly surprised. Watch the ad below.

Video – Introducing the Fabia Cyborg Salesman

All Skoda models can now be synced to smart phones with compatible Android and iOS software. Each phone based app can also be accessed via car’s infotainment system with voice commands allowing for texts and calling resulting in better safety.

As of now, the new Skoda Fabia is on sale in Australia with a 1.2 liter turbo engine offering 90 hp or an 81 kW mated to a manual or 7 speed DSG transmission. Acceleration from 0 to 100 kmph is achieved in below 10 seconds.Pricing is at $15,990 (INR 10,43,810) in 1.2 TSI 66kW form, and $20,290 (INR 13,24,023) for 81 kW 7 speed DSG version.

New Skoda Fabia – Photos


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