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New Suzuki Access 125 – The all in one automatic scooter

Suzuki Access 125 Review

Price of New Suzuki Access 125 starts from INR 53,887, ex-Delhi.

The New Suzuki Access 125 is company’s flagship scooter which combines the best of both worlds – power & mileage – with their revolutionary SEP technology. A complete redesign from the ground up – both aesthetic and technical – emphasizes that this scooter welcomes any road.

The New Access 125 boasts a state of the art SEP engine, new frame, optional disc brake and various updates to wheels, suspension, transmission and body panels; giving it improved fuel efficiency, performance, cornering stability, smoother ride and added protection.

Suzuki Access 125 2016 Auto Expo

Design wise, the new Access has evolved into a royal and sophisticated look with chrome finish, 3D emblem logo and rich bodywork with stylish edgy contours. The new Access 125 will also be available with an optional front disc brake and alloy wheels. In addition, are class leading features like the first of its kind Suzuki Easy Start System, multi-function instrument cluster with digital display, front pocket and optional DC socket. These features have been incorporated keeping in mind practical usage in real world conditions and the comfort of Indian riders.

The New Access 125 is an amalgamation of Great Style and Powerful Performance bundled with class leading features, meant for everyone who loves to ride. The enjoyment in the ride makes the New Access 125 completely UNLEAVEABLE!

Suzuki Access 125 2016 Auto Expo

The New Access 125 will adorn showrooms in 5 sophisticated colours – Pearl Suzuki Deep Blue No.2, Candy Sonoma Red, Pearl Mirage White, Metallic Matt Fibroin Gray and Glass Sparkle Black.

New Suzuki Access 125 – TVC

Suzuki Access 125 Specs

2016 Suzuki Access 125

2016 Suzuki Access 125

Suzuki Access 125 Features

2016 Suzuki Access 125

2016 Suzuki Access 125

Suzuki Access 125 Colours

2016 Suzuki Access 125

2016 Suzuki Access 125

Photos from today’s launch event

2016 Suzuki Acccess 125 – Photos


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    So the optional Socket should be fitted outside ?? or it will be fitted by the dealer ?