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New Tata Safari, Altroz Submerged In Water At Stockyard Due To Rain

Tata Altroz, Safari submerged in water
Tata Altroz, Safari submerged in water

Brand new Tata cars which were parked at the stockyard have been partially submerged in water due to heavy rains in the region

Heavy rains have been causing much havoc in many parts of India these days. There have been photos and videos which show cars are being washed away, cars floating around and even crashing into other cars. Some cars got washed away only to be later found far away from their originally parked location.

Now, a new video has been shared by Prateek Singh, which shows a Tata Motors stockyard in Haryana has been submerged in water. The said Tata stockyard is located at Farukh Nagar on the bypass road.

Brand New Tata Cars Submerged

As you can see in the video, the entire stockyard is submerged in water. Multiple units of brand new Altroz and Safari which are awaiting delivery, have been affected due to heavy rains in the region.

The water level is so high that entire tyre of Altroz is submerged and is no longer visible. There are a few units of Tiago as well in the stockyard. All Safari and Altroz units which are seen at the stockyard submerged in water are in white colour while the Tiago is of red colour.

It is not clear as to whether these Tata cars are damaged or not. Only thorough investigation will reveal the extent of damage to engine. As the cars were only parked, and not started, there is high chance that there will be no engine damage to the submerged Tata cars. Interiors could have been damaged.

As per IMD (India Meteorology Department), the region has been given Orange alert. IMD has also asked authorities to prepare for cuts in electricity due to flooding in various parts of the state. There could be disruption in water supply as well, affecting daily lives of citizens.

Tata Motors Sales

Sales of Tata cars are at a new high in the past few months. The last time Tata was posting sales in the region of 25k-30k units a month, was about 9 years ago. This new surge in sales, has helped Tata Motors become the No 3 car maker in India.

Huge demand means huge waiting period. Due to issues like pandemic, parts shortage – car makers are already struggling to meet demand. And now rains causing damage to stockyard could further increase wait time for customers.

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