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New Tata Sierra Has Inputs From Ratan Tata – Thar 5 Door Rival

Sierra is something special to Ratan Tata, as it marked the company’s foray into passenger vehicle segment in 1991

Tata Sierra SUV will launch with petrol as well as electric option
Tata Sierra SUV will launch with petrol as well as electric option

Sierra’s launch three decades back was also the time when Ratan Tata took over the reins of the company, as Chairman of Tata Sons. Naturally, Sierra has great importance in the company. It was also quite popular among enthusiasts for its powerful performance and 4×4 option.

At 2023 Auto Expo, Sierra Concept was showcased in EV format. It is expected to be launched in late 2024 or early 2025. Petrol variant is also expected to be available. In comparison, the original Tata Sierra was offered with only diesel powertrain.

How Ratan Tata’s inputs shaped Sierra concept

In an interview, Martin Uhlarik, VP Head of Global Design at Tata Motors shared details about how Sierra Concept was developed. One interesting story is about Ratan Tata’s inputs, wherein he had asked to retain the thick B-pillar and the wrap-around rear window. This was not just a casual remark, as it actually signifies some of the key design highlights of original Sierra.

Age can take a toll on mental faculties, but it appears that Ratan Tata continues to be blessed with a sharp memory and intellect. His inputs for Sierra Concept have helped capture the true essence of the original Sierra. It has allowed the design team to blend modern design themes with signature features that had contributed to the SUVs success three decades earlier.

New Tata Sierra SUV launch expected in 2024 / 25
New Tata Sierra SUV launch expected in 2024 / 25

Ratan Tata had provided his inputs during his visit to the design studio. He had liked the concept and was confident that it would succeed in its new avatar. However, he had specifically asked the design team to retain the wrap-around glass and not to make the B-pillar too small. Ratan Tata’s inputs have hit the target bang-on, as the Sierra Concept looks truly remarkable.

Changes introduced with Sierra Concept

Successful launch of Safari has been a big confidence booster, in terms of exploring the possibility to resurrect other old models such as Sierra. The design team at Tata focused on retaining the core essence of original Sierra, all while creating a modern profile that would appeal to the current generation. Some of the key highlights include full-width LED DRLs, split LED headlights, thick body cladding and panoramic sunroof.

As compared to original Sierra that was a 3-door SUV, the new Sierra Concept is a proper 5-door lifestyle SUV. While the original had fixed rear windows, Sierra Concept has standard roll-up/roll-down windows. The wraparound effect is still there, as it has been achieved through the use of a black plastic finisher. It creates a seamless connection with the panoramic glass sunroof, thereby creating the iconic wraparound window look and feel.

Along with petrol and EV powertrains, it is possible that Sierra Concept could also get a diesel option. It can borrow the diesel unit currently in use with Harrier and Safari. When launched, Sierra Concept will rival the likes of Mahindra 5-door Thar.


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