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Toyota Fortuner passengers survive after getting sandwiched between bus and truck

Built like a tank, is a phrase which relates very well to the Toyota Fortuner. Best selling car in its segment, the Fortuner commands respect on the road, and not only for its size and built, but also for its capabilities. Recently, a Fortuner proved its mettle in an accident in India.

The accident took place in Dehradun earlier this week. As per Mr Suri, who shared these images with us, the Uttar Pradesh State Bus in front, suddenly applied brakes. This resulted in the Fortuner which was travelling behind the bus to brake hard. The Fortuner driver managed to brake in time and save itself from crashing into the bus. But, there was another car and truck coming behind, which was not able to apply brakes.

The truck brakes had reportedly failed. This resulted in the truck crashing into the small hatchback in front. The impact was such that the hatchback was thrown on to the divider. The truck then collided into the Fortuner, which in turn collided into the bus in front.

Seeing the photos, one can realize that the truck was probably travelling at a high speed. The Fortuner is completely smashed. But, in spite of this, all four passengers who were inside the Fortuner survived the crash. Yes. No one died in this accident. The hatchback was lucky enough to have gotten out of the way, or else it too would have been sandwiched in this accident.

The Fortuner above is the old gen Fortuner, which is no longer on sale in India. It has been replaced by new Fortuner. The new Fortuner is based on the second gen IMV platform. The 7-seat ladder frame premium SUV adopts one diesel and one petrol engine in India. The diesel engien is in the form of a 2.8 liter generating 177 hp and 450 Nm while the 2.7 liter petrol engine is rated at 164 hp and 250 Nm. Both engines are offered in a choice of automatic as well as manual transmissions. Drive system is RWD as standard while the 2.8 liter diesel is also offered with AWD. Here is a detailed Toyota Fortuner Review.


– Newly developed frame structure that delivers exceptional torsional & bending rigidity even in the harshest environments
– New suspension enhances ride comfort, through straight-line stability, controllability, handle response & advanced damping technology
– Newly adopted Hill Start Assist Control (HAC) & Downhill Assist Control (DAC)
– Electronic drive control
– Eco & Power drive modes
– Newly adopted Active Traction Control (A-TRC)

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