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New Toyota Innova Hybrid 560B Launch Likely In Jan 2023 – 6k Production Monthly

The hybrid powertrain could be carried over from the Maruti-Toyota YY8 mid-size SUV which has been spied testing recently

2023 Toyota Innova Hybrid Spied
2023 Toyota Innova Hybrid Spied

The ever stringent global automotive emission regulations have reached a stage where it is nearly impossible for a passenger vehicle to employ any type of traditional IC engine without some form of electrification. It is already happening in the western world and it will happen sooner than later in India as well.

While cars on the budget end of the market are likely to employ a cost-effective 12V BSG (Belt Starter Generator) setup before a complete switch to full electric powertrain is made, we expect the higher segment players to embrace hybrid powertrains as a medium term solution. The next generation Toyota Innova, not surprisingly, is heading in the hybrid direction.

2023 Toyota Innova Hybrid Production Target

Sources tell Rushlane that a hybrid version of next generation Toyota Innova is currently under development. Codenamed 560B, this vehicle is understood to be ready for trial production in India in December 2022 with the launch scheduled in early 2023.

Toyota is upbeat about the prospects of its upcoming Innova Hybrid and is planning to produce around 6,000 units a month. It seems, the immensely popular Japanese people carrier will also be exported to select markets from India.

2023 Toyota Innova New Gen Render
2023 Toyota Innova New Gen Render

What’s new?

Not much is known about the new Toyota Innova Hybrid save for a few spyshots which emerged from South East Asia. The exterior styling appears to be an evolution of the existing Crysta which has aged well. We expect the interior to be revamped and benefit from state of the art equipment.

As for the hybrid powertrain, there are several possibilities depending on the OEM’s level of commitment to its mid-term electrification strategy in India. The system could be a mild-hybrid with a 48-volt BSG strapped on to the existing range of petrol and diesel engines to achieve slight but noticeable improvement in fuel economy and emissions. Considering that Toyota is a leader in full hybrid technology, we could also see the MPV adopting a downsized petrol engine supported by a high-voltage e-motor and battery pack to achieve a fine balance of performance and emissions.

If we were to bet, our money will be on the 1.5-liter petrol hybrid system which will also cater to the upcoming Hyundai Creta-rival. This SUV will also have a Maruti version which has been spied recently. It is also being reported that Toyota could finally migrate the Innova from the old-school RWD ladder-frame setup to a more modular and cost-effective TNGA platform.


The 2023 Toyota Innova Hybrid will be taking over from the impressive Innova Crysta which has been holding its fort without any significant challenges from rivals. With an improved overall package and hybrid powertrain options, the upcoming MPV looks set to have what it takes to retain the segment leadership.

Considering the new gen Innova Hybrid will be costlier than the current Innova, there is also a possibility where Toyota could continue to sell current gen Innova in the market. Existing Innova is doing well in sales, and most buyers like it the way it is. More details will get revealed closer to launch, scheduled for early 2023 (Jan – Mar).

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