New way gang of robbers distract you – And run away with your car

An Engineer by profession, Mr Kishore Sharma has shared a very important incident which occurred with him a few days ago when he was travelling in his car.

Every now and then, you come across an incident, which baffles you, makes you wonder – are you really safe? Well, once such incident has been posted by Mr Kishore Sharma on his Facebook page. Below is the entire account in his own words.

“This happened at around 1:00 pm today (27/04/2017) when I was travelling in my car with a colleague of my mine and a middle aged guy crossing the road pointed that oil is leaking from my car. I ignored him thinking it might just be an innocent guy confusing the water coming out due to ac for oil but with in a few moments my eyes began to etch and again a couple of guys on a bike pointed the same again.

It didnt seem right to me as to how a guy on a bike going in the same direction as me see whats coming from the front of my car and also none of the cars indicators pointed otherwise.

So I gather my wits and see that I’m being followed by a couple of bikes and one in front , who pointed out the leakage, wasn’t moving too quickly either, he was trying to keep it just ahead of me. They had their faces covered with a cloth (2 guys on each bike)except the guy who was riding the bike in front.

By this time my eyes were starting to hurt very badly and the cabin had started suffocating. I switched the ac and the fan off but didn’t open the window, fearing the worst, and started driving a little quicker and didn’t stop till i found a fuel station(that was about a km) I quickly took a u turn and got inside the station and then open the windows. We waited a few minutes and then came out and saw that someone put some oil mixed chemical on the front grill which smelled horrible. My eyes and my nose were burning as hell.

I talked to the people at fuel station and they told me that something same happened a couple a days earlier but at a late hour and they took that guys car and when he retaliated tried to harm him as well.

This is their modus operandi. Guy crossing the road will spray the chemical on the grill and point u out. You will come out to see and he and his members will pick up your vehicle. Or u might wait but the effect of the chemical will make u come out and now being suffocated and blinded by the chemical you will be an even easier target for these people.

We stayed there for about 40 mins cleaned ourselves and the station people helped me to clean the front of my car as well.

Im sharing this with you guys so you can be aware that they are now trying not just to pick things from your vehicle (like the thak thak incidents) they are going further and robbing you of your vehicle and are not afraid to harm you either. Just want you guys to be safe.

Thanks to the almighty and the best wishes of my friends and family came out unharmed but a bad day or decision, things could have been a lot different.

In the end just want to say share this with family and friends so we all can make better call if and when needed.”