Cars sold through Nexa dealerships will ditch Maruti Suzuki badge

The country’s largest passenger car maker says it wants to de-clutter the rear fascia of its more expensive cars by removing the Maruti Suzuki badge from the tailgate. These cars will be sold through the new upmarket Nexa dealerships (New Exclusive Automotive Experience).

Nexa dealerships Maruti Suzuki branding
Maruti S-Cross is the first car to be sold through Nexa dealerships and it has no Maruti Suzuki badge on its tailgate.

Nexa retail concept is developed to target young buyers who are looking for premium cars and the automaker thinks that, in order to lure them, it’s wise to shed the badge which is inherently associated with its affordable small cars.

Maruti S-Cross is the first model to be sold through Nexa outlets and as you can see, the tailgate carries only nameplate and engine displacement badges. The company officials say that the Suzuki ‘S’ badges on the front grille and tailgate are enough to tell the beholders about the car’s origin.

Maruti S-Cross (22) logo
Branding is limited to Suzuki ‘S’ badges on front grille and tailgate.

Ever since the Indian government’s disinvestment in Maruti Suzuki, the Japanese parent company has been systematically changing its branding strategy. The ‘M’ badge on the grille was replaced by ‘S’ and ‘Suzuki’ badge was added at the rear along with ‘Maruti’ badge. Now, Maruti branding is nowhere to be seen on S-Cross or in Nexa dealerships.