Next gen Audi A8 to unveil in 2017 with Autonomous Driving mode

Next gen Audi A8 is not only announced to be ready for global unveil in 2017, but is also confirmed to feature Autonomous Driving system. Further, the model is confirmed to fully adopt the company’s new design language, presented in Prologue Coupe and Avant Concepts.

Audi-Prologue-next gen Audi A8 design
But it is unclear as to the extent of piloted driving system to be implemented on production spec Audi A8. Image – Audi Prologue Avant Concept.
A variety of Audi models already have driver assist systems, but Audi A8 will be the company’s first car to host autonomous driving technology, which was previewed on Audi RS7 Piloted Driving Concept.

Audi’s Head of Research & Development, Ulrich Hackenberg, said that next gen A8 will certainly come with traffic-jam pilot, which takes over longitudinal and lateral guidance a traffic jam is detected. When activated, this feature will work on a highway, at low speeds in the range of 0 to 60 kmph. In addition, piloted parking will also be available, which enables the driver to stand by and watch the car park itself into a spot.

The Autonomous Driving system on Audi A8 will use laser, radar, ultrasonic sensors and cameras, inside as well as at the outside of the car, to obtain a precise digital picture of the traffic and let the system work its way through it. Decisions by the piloted driving system will be made similar to a human driver in traffic conditions, for which Audi has already been testing the technology in America, Germany and Asia.