Next gen Tata Sumo to be underpinned by all-new Raptor lightweight platform

Tata Motors has started working on next generation version of Sumo SUV, which is not due for launch for the next few years. But the whispered detail of the next iteration of Sumo is already interesting.

Tata Sumo Gold
Next generation Tata Sumo is expected to launch in 2018.
Next gen Sumo will be underpinned by an all-new platform, codenamed Raptor (again a bird reference). It is neither a ladder-on-frame architecture, nor a pure monocoque setup used by regular cars. The company has adopted Land Rover’s policy of ditching body-on-frame chassis, and has created a new (unconventional) type of structure which they call Body Integrated Frame. As the name suggests, the frame / structure is integrated (most likely welded) onto the chassis.

This setup enables flexibility / versatility to spawn multiple models. It can be modified to make true off-roading vehicles as well as pseudo SUVs just for show, with the kind of stiffness and weight desired for the particular application / body type. Hence, the next generation Tata Sumo will be lighter and at the same time it will be sturdy enough to perform its duties on- or off-road, with obvious improvement in manoeuvrability and fuel efficiency.

Expect future Tata SUVs and MUVs to be built based on this Raptor platform.

Via – Autocar India