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NGT diesel ban may be extended to 11 more cities

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SIAM has been arguing that the diesel ban is unscientific and uncalled for.

In what could come as a severe blow to automakers in India, the NGT diesel ban which is currently in place in Delhi and Kerala (high court stayed it for 2 months) may be extended to 11 more cities. The NGT (National Green Tribunal) hearing on this matter is expected to finalize the cities based on the data acquired from Central Pollution Control Board on population density, car density, pollution area and pollution level of the nation’s major cities.

Following the Delhi diesel ban which prohibits registration of diesel vehicles with engine displacement larger than 2.0-litre and prevents old diesel vehicles (10 or more years old) from entering the territory, NGT has identified 15 key cities across the country where the ban would be extended in due course. From this list of 15, 11 major cities will be selected for imposition of the diesel ban.

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Banning vehicles that meet the laid-down norms is against the fundamental rights of auto makers, says SIAM.

The 15 cities include Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Chennai, Patna, Lucknow, Allahabad, Kanpur, Varanasi, Nagpur, Hyderabad, Ludhiana, Amritsar and Jalandhar. More details should be out in the coming days.

Extension of NGT diesel ban would effectively stall the production of larger vehicles in India which in turn would result in huge production and job losses (even at the dealer end). Car makers like Mercedes, JLR, Mahindra and Toyota will be hit the most since most of their popular car models fall under the banned category.

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The ban is expected to result in production and job losses across the automotive sector.

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Reacting to the extension of the NGT diesel ban, Vishnu Mathur, director general of SIAM, said that automakers and oil refineries have invested heavily in upgrading to better emission norms and curb pollution. He also said that banning vehicles that meet the laid-down norms is against the fundamental rights of the companies doing business in the country.

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  • I will suggest a solution to SIAM, the cars and buses should place the exhaust at the driver’s face inside the vehicle. Funny?. Let the pollution causing vehicle drivers suffer first, who will suffer, if not for them for driving those cars?

  • Ban registration for 2000cc of above for private use. let taxi, buses and other public transport continue as of now. why costly cars needed subsidized diesel?

    • Isn’t it better to give them non subsidized diesel instead of BAN? Or firstly why subsidize diesel any way if its a dirty fuel? You will be surprised to see that high end diesel cars pollute less than the Petrol equivalent.

      • true..but none cares about petrol pollution here. i think one which gives black smoke are only polluting vehicles for them. addition to that higher displacements = higher pollution. 🙁

  • This is absolutely unscientific, draconian and oppressive BANs that we are seeing. NGT is a bunch of brainless F!#$%%.
    There is no scientific Logic behind 1999 CC will pollute less than 2001cc ( if more then by what %? )

    Pollution Levels must be the one that needs to be regulated and the pollution testing to be done more stringently. If the Levels are high then the registration to be revoked until the pollutions levels are within the regulated levels.

    All the vehicles have paid Road Tax for 15 years, and its legal to run them for 15yrs. How is that more than 10 year old vehicles be banned?

    who will Refund the 5 year excess Tax Paid ?

    Will NGT Recycle the old Vehicles ? Is there is a vehicle recycling plant in India?

    what kind of effect will that create to the environment? How many more rivers and water bodies will be polluted by that process?

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