Nico Rosberg on road trip through streets of Delhi: From F1 car to rickshaw (video)

Nico Rosberg took a road trip through the crowded streets of Delhi on Wednesday to get a feel of the place and experience the sights and sounds of the Indian capital. Sitting precariously behind a cycle rickshaw, Nico was taken through the most busy streets and market places of the city. He visited the aromatic spice market, colorful flower markets, business centers and busy narrow roads of Delhi.

Nico was greeted by fans and passersby whom he obliged by shaking hands and posing for photographs. The experience was very novel for the young racer who had not experienced anything like this before. Rosberg who even got a chance to see a road side show of acrobats at work was enchanted by the spectacle. He also saw the India Gate, and later he rode at the Buddh International Circuit on a scooter to get a feel of the F1 track.

While on an exciting trip through the bustling streets of the city, he managed to get a view of Chandani Chowk, the historical India Gate and Rashtrapati Bhavan. He enjoyed the experience and was looking forward to the thrilling weekend ahead. And exciting it was, as Nico found his footing and came in 6th for Mercedes GP Petronas, while team member Michael Schumacher came in 5th at the 2011 Indian grand Prix.

Mercedes GP Petronas driver Nico Rosberg had this to say “That was a very interesting trip. I drove in a rickshaw through this fascinating city. I visited the Spice Market and the India Gate. This city is very exciting and a good experience in my life.”