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Nio ET7 Electric Car Launched To Take On Tesla – Claims 1,000 Kms Range

Nio ET7 Electric car
Nio ET7 Electric car

NIO’s ET7 all-electric ET7 sedan to take on Tesla Model S in China

Tesla faces some serious competition in China as NIO has launched the ET7 electric sedan that promises an every higher range as compared to Tesla’s Model S. The new ET7 electric sedan was unveiled at the Sichuan provincial capital of Chengdu by NIO’s Chief Executive William Li Bin. Bookings are now open.

The ET7 electric sedan will be ready for delivery from 2022. Pre-orders open in China with the company not yet confirming launch in other markets. ET7 is offered in Standard, Premium and Extended Editions and priced at 448,000 Yuan (approximately $69,160) or at 378,000 Yuan without the battery.

Driving Range

The Standard Edition offers a range of 500 kms with a 70 kWh battery pack which is around 7 percent higher than that offered by the Tesla Model S. This goes up to 700 kms on the Premium Edition with a 100 kWh battery while the Extended Edition has a range of 1000 kms with a 150 kWh battery.

These figures are as per China’s NEDC testing standards while on Europe’s WLTP test it could give a lower figure. The Premium Edition is priced at 536,000 yuan while no price details of the Extended Edition have been revealed as on date.

Nio ET7 Electric car
Nio ET7 Electric car

ET7 Design

The ET7 is a large sedan measuring 200.7 inches in length making it around 5 inches longer than the Tesla Model S. It comes in with a single screen serving as an instrument cluster and one with a portrait orientation serving as an infotainment hub. This can be controlled via a digital assistant known as “Nomi’.

NIO ET7 gets Nio autonomous driving or NAD with a self-driving system with sensing technology, control software and computing power. The system consists of 33 sensors with radar, lidar and high resolution cameras along with 4 NVIDIA Drive Orin computers and vehicle to infrastructure communication and a capability to process 8 gigabytes per second. Buttons are very few and the steering wheel sports a two-spoke design.

Battery And Motor Options

NIO’s ET7 electric sedan will be powered by a single powertrain. This dual motor system offers a combined 644 hp power and 626 lb/ft (850 Nm) torque. Acceleration from 0 to 100 kmph is achieved in 3.9 seconds.

Nio ET7 Electric car
Nio ET7 Electric car

As is also seen with other NIO electric vehicles the battery of the ET7 can be swapped via the company’s network or power battery stations. The owner can drive into any of the stations wherein the automated system handles the swap.

The NIO ET7 is the company’s first electric sedan. They already have ES8 and ES8 models in the SUV segment. The ET7 electric sedan is aimed squarely at the Tesla Model S, and could be launched in global markets to take on the US electric car giant.

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