Auto rickshaws get safer in Gujarat with Nirbhay Savari project

A project under Suraksha Setu, Nirbhay Savari has been launched by the police in Anand on Friday 1st May 2015. The project launched on Gujarat Foundation Day ensures safety to commuters travelling by auto-rickshaws.

Nirbhay Savari Scheme

Each of these auto-rickshaws under the scheme are given distinctive identity numbers along with a unique colour code. In the event of any complaints registered or crime committed by the auto-rickshaw driver, the police will have instant details with regard to the particular auto-rickshaw through a mobile application.

A special database covering each of these auto-rickshaws has been compiled by Significant Cyber Security India located in Vallabh Vidyanagar. The data bank contains all relevant details of driver and vehicle that include registration number, contact details of driver and owner and residential addresses along with photographs. Gujarat Police has also launched a mobile app, by the same name. You can download the app, and get all these details on your phone.

Nirbhay Savari Scheme

RTO registration numbers which contain many numbers is done away with while unique numbers such as A-03 are allotted to each rickshaw while they are colour coded on the basis of areas where they have been registered. These unique numbers will be displayed at the front, back and inside the rickshaws while commuters will just need to memorize these numbers in the event of harassment of any kind.