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Nissan, Datsun Cars Price Hike April 2021 – Magnite, RediGo, Kicks

Nissan Magnite
Nissan Magnite. Image – Litsing

Nissan India and Datsun cars set for price revision with effect from April 2021

In keeping with market price trends, as FY21 comes to a close, most manufacturers are using this period to announce an impending price hike. A norm that’s almost always effectively from April 1st each year.

This usually follows price revisions that are announced at the start of each calendar year. Long story short, gear up for more expensive cars. Nissan and Datsun India is set to increase prices, effective from April 1, 2021.

Datsun and Nissan

Rakesh Srivastava, Managing Director, Nissan Motor India Pvt Ltd said, “There has been continuous escalation in auto component prices, and we have tried to absorb this escalation over the last few months. We are now constrained to increase our prices across all Nissan & Datsun models, the increase varies from variant to variant, while still offering the best value proposition to its discerning Indian customers.”

Nissan India has been holding onto a very thin thread for the longest time ever. A few years earlier, the company put a lot of its hope onto the resurrection of an offshoot, Datsun. The idea was a great one but it didn’t come to fruition. At least not in the way the entity had planned.

Datsun Redigo BS6
Datsun Redigo

The Renault Nissan alliance has always helped both manufacturers build cars for the domestic market, and use the platform to improve exports. Both companies are also able to leverage their association to a maximum when it comes to platform sharing and product design. The introduction of Datsun meant, the platform sharing advantage would be leveraged even further to give customers a choice between two renowned global brands, and variants of the same model in more starter pack avatars from Datsun.

Nissan Magnite compact car

Maruti Suzuki has already shown great resilience in the small car segment, and Datsun was meant to compete at that level. However, over the years, Nissan and Datsun market visibility dwindled to oblivion. Until a masterstroke helped people mention brand Nissan again. This genius move was the introduction of Nissan Magnite.

While previous global communication pointed in the direction of Renault Kiger being launched first, the alliance chose to put Nissan Magnite forward first at the very end of 2020. This gave the automaker a fighting chance, and the company has been able to crawl out of oblivion in recent weeks.

Considering rising input costs are the crux of price revisions, one can only await the next price hike, and then the next. This great conditioning of the market motivates buyers because waiting a few months would mean the same car would only get costlier with time. It’s not clear at present to what extent Nissan Magnite’s price revision will be affected, since a price hike was announced only recently.

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