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Nissan Datsun will launch 17 new cars by 2016: Should Maruti worry?


Nissan’s revival of the low cost Datsun brand is being viewed as a challenge to both Maruti and Hyundai in India. Revealed yesterday by Group CEO, Carlos Ghosn, the new Datsun Go is aimed directly at India’s best selling car, Maruti Alto 800. To go on sale early 2014, Datsun Go will be priced in the Rs 3 lakh range.

nissan datsun go india launchAs against a 2% market share currently held by Nissan in Indian car markets, the Japanese car maker hopes to capture a 10% share by 2016, 5% by Nissan and 5% Datsun. During this period, Nissan India will introduce 10 new Datsun cars, and 7 new Nissan cars. And by new they meant new cars, not facelifts, not variants, and not automatic CVT, just plain new models. All these cars, Nissan and Datsun, including the new Go will be produced at Renault-Nissan $1 billion plant in Chennai

Apart from India, Datsun will also be launched in Indonesia, Russia and South Africa. Brazil too might be added to this list along with more countries in South East Asia, Latin America, Africa and Middle East. Nissan has brought the Datsun brand as a low-cost sub-brand. This way they can keep their present customers happy, giving them a feel of premiumness.

Though Nissan / Datsun officials did not reveal what kind of cars will be launched, but they did reveal that they have aggressive plans for India. According to research, markets like India, Indonesia, Brazil will have the most number of first time car buyers in the next few years. Based on this, they are getting ready with a range of new cars for their new customers.

UPDATE: Nissan will not unveil 17 new cars. They will unveil 7 new cars, and Datsun will unveil 3 new cars. We regret the error.


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  • Vineet

    Keep dumping crappy cars into India. Never expected this from Nissan. What’s the difference between you and Maruti Suzuki?

    • Kumar

      Difference is that NISSAN is atleast saying that its a low cost brand. But Maruti will give cheap products at the cost of premium products..

      • vineet

        good point