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Nissan Formula E racing team in place of Renault

Nissan will replace alliance partners Renault for the new 2018-19 season of Formula E electric car racing series, thus becoming the first Japanese car makers to compete in such events. Nissan Formula E team and Renault’s exit is due to the fact that with Renault Nissan alliance, the two flagship brands won’t compete with each other.

Following the withdrawal the Renault e.dams team that have lifted the Formula E championship for three years in a row, Renault will focus on returning to Formula 1. Nissan Formula E will take up with the e.dams team. Renault will back Nissan in the sport thanks to its experience and expertise in the same. Though VW Group’s Audi and Porsche competed against each other in the FIA World Endurance Championships, having two brands race in the same series can be viewed as somewhat unusual.

As Nissan Formula E team comes in to play in the championship’s 5th season, which commences at the end of 2018 and runs through to the middle of 2019, Formula E, the all electric championship will get a new set of rules with new chassis and battery specifications.

The participation of Nissan in Formula E will allow the company to showcase its electric vehicle technology. Nissan Leaf is the world’s best selling electric car and with the second generation Leaf EV and two new concepts of Leaf Nismo and IMx Concept, Nissan will compete against European automakers such as BMW, Audi, Jaguar, Citroen and Mahindra and Mahindra who are already involved in the electric series. Mercedes and Porsche are set to arrive for Season 6 which is scheduled to start from 2019 to the end of 2020.

“We had an incredible championship run during our first three years in Formula E and look forward to a competitive fourth season with the benefit of a very stable environment at Renault e.dams,” said Thierry Koskas, Groupe Renault EVP sales & marketing. “As a pioneer in EV, we have learned a tremendous amount about high-performance electric vehicles and energy management that directly benefits our EV customers. After Season 4 we will focus resources on our aggressive goals for Formula 1 and we look forward to continuing to gain benefits from motorsport racing across the Alliance with Nissan.”

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