Nissan Gripz concept debuts at 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show

Owing its design to designers in Europe and Japan, Nissan Gripz concept is here to gauge public response as no production plans are set for now.

New Nissan Gripz concept is seen with a version of Nissan’s PureDrive Hybrid System. This system has a petrol engine working in tandem with electric motor, which then drives all four wheels. The Gripz concept uses its petrol engine to power the electric motor

Measuring a length of 4,100mm, width of 1,890mm and height of 1,500mm, the Nissan Gripz concept sits on a wheelbase of 2,580mm. It sports a compact body with V motion grille, boomerang shaped head and tail lamps and a floating roofline. Interiors receive four separate seats in a combination of matte grey and red orange while tubes, seats and central console take inspiration from sports bicycles.

Nissan Gripz concept
Nissan Gripz concept on display at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show.

Its three spoke 22” wheels are also inspired by sports bikes which are lightweight and sturdy with ultra slim tyres which have been specially designed for the Gripz concept by Bridgestone.

Targeting a younger and more adventurous set of buyers, Nissan Gripz Concept has a ‘Gliding Wing’ instrument panel and EV technology which comes in based on Series hybrid system ‘Pure Drive’ e-Power. Built in dash cameras are a part of its on-board safety features.

The Nissan Gripz concept is designed to serve as a commute vehicle during the week and a sporty adventure vehicle over weekends.

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