Nissan IDS concept revealed at 2015 Tokyo Motor Show (104 Photos and Videos)

With Nissan expecting to offer vehicles capable of fully autonomous driving by 2020, Nissan IDS concept is unveiled at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show with an electric power train and autonomous driving functions.

The concept borrows some elements that can be seen on the new Nissan Leaf and includes a 60 kW/h electric unit. It is fashioned out of carbon fiber while it sports an aerodynamic shape and limited to a height of 54.3 inches with fin like vertical fenders.

Nissan IDS Concept’s bluish satin silver exterior body is dominated by a front grille that resembles stacks of ice blocks. Its sporty rear-end receives roof mounted spoiler and boomerang shaped tail lamps, though tail-gate appears too narrow.

Nissan IDS Concept 2015 Tokyo 63

Interiors of the Nissan IDS concept are spacious for upto four adults and wheelbase is longer as wheels are positioned at the four extreme corners. Two cabin configurations are offered on the Nissan IDS concept that include Manual Drive or Piloted Drive. In Manual Drive mode, the driver controls the car and all seats face forward while blue ambient lighting floods the cabin.

In Piloted Mode, interiors of Nissan IDS concept sees its four seats rotate inwards to give a living room feel and allow for easier conversation between occupants. The steering wheel recedes into the center of the instrument panel.

To allow for easy communication with pedestrians Nissan has introduced an outward facing display screen on the Nissan IDS concept which flashes messages like ‘After You’ to oncoming pedestrians and cyclists. The Intention Indicator strip of LED lights on the side body of the car emits a white glow indicating to pedestrians or cyclists that the car has taken note of their presence.



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