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2015 Nissan Juke by You is a one-off unit based on art of Kabuki

Nissan Motor Company hosted a contest titled “Juke by You”, for customers and artists to get creative with the crossover’s body style and make it decorative and unique.

NIssan Juke by You Kabuki Kumadori in South Korea.

The car that won the Nissan Juke by You title was designed with custom decals of Kabuki actors, Kumadori to be specific. Kabuki is a classical Japanese dance-drama, acclaimed for its stylization involved in making the acts and elaborate make-up worn by the artists or performers.

The winning Nissan Juke had Kumadori decals, that makes the car blend with Japanese tradition and culture, from a drama standpoint. Kumadori is the stage makeup worn by Kabuki actors, during courageous and bombastic acts. This seems to have applied to Nissan Juke to describe the crossover as a gallant machine with more capability than meets the eye. Kumadori makeup is usually made of bright multi-colour stripes or patterns on a white base, with different patterns depicting the nature of each actor.

Overall, the artwork is on Nissan Juke is done based on what suits each of the body surfaces and characteristics, making the car a screen of Japanese drama and tradition.

The Kabuki Juke wears design of Shiranami of ukiyo-e, on its sides, and gets checkered pattern on its rear end.

Nissan Juke is a mini SUV, not on sale in India. It is sold in Europe, Indonesia, Japan, New Zealand, Canada, South Korea and the US. Price in the US starts from $20,250, and go up to $30,020 for the NISMO RS variant. Power comes from a 1.6l petrol engine generating 188 hp and 177 lb-ft torque for standard Juke, while the RS gets same engine, returning 215 hp and 210 lb-ft torque.


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