Nissan LEAF pre order in Japan reaches 3754 units

Nissan Leaf has validly stood by all that it proclaimed and it seems the customers in Japan have believed them, which is why the preorder have shot to 3754 units. This is nearly half of the FY2010 target the Nissan planned to achieve through LEAF, target being 6000 units. The car has been loved by customers due to its peculiar qualities such as an environmental performance of zero emission, affordable pricing for an EV, and also advanced IT that it proclaims to possess.

The Nissan leaf will be available for 3.76 million yen, but if the government incentives continue this year too for Japan, the Nissan leaf will be available for 770000 yen credit. With this incentive, the consumer’s net price will be 2.99 million yen. Nissan LEAF will be exempt from car weight and car acquisition tax. Nissan will be offering customer Auto loan facility too. The company plans to create a program wherein the customer needs to make a down payment of 2.4 million yen and rest as a low monthly fee of 10000 yen, which will include electricity costs. This innovative method of providing finance to customers has made LEAF stand out of its competition.

Compared to cars in the similar class of luxury, the pricing is competitive. The cost involved in Nissan LEAF would be the cost of electricity. Consider 6 years frame; Nissan LEAF would cost 86000 yen, while gasoline for the same car will cost 670000 yen.

The company knows that using an EV bike needs a lot of charging. The company plans on assisting the customers in installation of charging kits. Before the release of the car, Nissan will install 200 volt regular chargers at a total 2200 locations. The dealerships will be arranged such that Nissan LEAF users can spot a dealer in 40 km radius throughout the country.

As with any gasoline based vehicle, Nissan will provide after sale service to LEAF customers as well. Each dealer’s service shop will have trained staff specially to cater to Nissan LEAF issues.