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Nissan Magnite 100k Production Milestone – From Chennai with Love

Nissan Magnite 100k production milestone in India
Nissan Magnite 100k production milestone in India

Nissan Magnite 100k production Milestone at Alliance Plant in Chennai, India – 1 Lakh Reasons to Fall in Love

Today’s announcement marks a significant milestone with the production of 1,00,000 units of the popular Nissan Magnite at its Alliance plant, RNAIPL, located in Chennai, India. This achievement reflects Nissan’s unwavering commitment to delivering high-quality products and services to its customers worldwide.

Designed in Japan and manufactured in India, the Nissan Magnite showcases the seamless collaboration between the two countries. It is a testament to the fusion of Japanese design expertise and Indian manufacturing prowess. This global crossover is gaining popularity for its sleek design, advanced features, and exceptional performance. And has in a few short years darted towards the Nissan Magnite 100k production milestone.

Global Reach: Expanding Boundaries and Driving Success with Safety and Quality

The Nissan Magnite has gained a remarkable presence in the international market, with exports to 15 global markets, including Seychelles, Bangladesh, Uganda, and Brunei.

Safety is a paramount concern for Nissan, and the Magnite has received recognition for its exceptional safety features. The vehicle has been awarded the prestigious GNCAP 4.0 safety rating, affirming its ability to provide a secure driving experience for occupants. Nissan’s dedication to prioritizing safety in their vehicles is evident in the advanced safety features that come as standard in the Magnite.

Magnite GEZA Special Edition: Unveiling a New Sensory Experience

To celebrate the remarkable production milestone, Nissan has unveiled the Magnite GEZA Special Edition. This limited edition variant draws inspiration from Japanese theatre and expressive musical themes, resulting in a captivating and striking interior upgrade. GEZA Special Edition also features advanced infotainment systems, providing an enhanced sensory experience for drivers and passengers alike.

As the Magnite continues to make its mark on the automotive industry, it solidifies Nissan’s position as a brand synonymous with quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

Value-focused Transition to BS6 Stage 2 Norms: Commitment to a Cleaner Future

In line with environmental regulations, the Nissan Magnite complies with the BS6 Stage 2 RDE norms. This transition ensures reduced emissions and a more eco-friendly driving experience. In addition to its environmental benefits, the Magnite is equipped with essential safety features as standard, further enhancing its appeal and providing peace of mind to customers.

Rakesh Srivastava, Managing Director, Nissan Motor India, said, “The Big, Bold, Beautiful Nissan Magnite has been a game-changer in the Indian market. The production of the 100,000th Magnite is testimony of Nissan’s brand promise of providing its customers products that are high on value, safety and strong customer service making it a global product. At Nissan, we are not just building cars – we are building the future of mobility led by product innovation, technological distinction, and customer satisfaction.”

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