Nissan Motorsport International Company (NISMO) looks forward to India

With increased impetus being shown to motor sports in India, Nissan Motorsport International Company (NISMO) is keen to enter India. The company considers India to be of prime importance and according to Shoichi Miyatani, President of NISMO, since motor sports activities are expected to gather steam in India, it would be considered favorable to launch the brand in the country as and when feasible.

The company is planning on some races and rallies and would commence such activities in Japan for a start. NISMO would be keen to introduce their sports and racing cars in India which is till date only present in Japan.

Before actually launching these vehicles NISMO would like to create an image of NISMO cars and considering the changing scene of auto industry in countries like China and India, Brazil and Latin America this is where their priority will lie.  With Formula one held India it only goes to show that India is ready for more sports events and hence launch of sports cars in India would be the company’s top priority.

Shoichi Miyatani, NISMO President had this to say. “India is very important as a car market but I want to see how motorsports evolves in the future in India. I know F1 was conducted in India…So, probably motorsports activity is going to be more popular.” “A process has started with the involvement of all kinds of regions and motorsports agencies not only in Japan, but globally. So, I guess India will come up in that kind of process.”

Miyatani further added.”How can NISMO enter into motorsports activity with partnership in India? That is something we should consider first and after that we should consider a NISMO version (of sport cars) and NISMO parts.” “I think the first point is to give people a credible image of NISMO. Just selling NISMO cars or NISMO parts means nothing.”