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Nissan Navara 4×4 snaps in half, customers want company to recall

Nissan has been urged by angry customers to recall the Nissan Navara pickup after reports of the model snapping in half emerge. Owners of Nissan Navara have been facing problems as it was found that severe rust caused cracks in the chassis making these trucks snap in half.

The Japanese automaker has promised to take appropriate action following these complaints and has brought back scores of faulty trucks from drivers for inspection purposes while no official recall has been announced as on date. Besides the D40 model being affected, Pathfinder R51s, the 7 seater family car version of the Navara has also been noted with some defects.

One of such many complaints of a Nissan Navara which emerged was by a Navara owner Richy Holmes. He was driving his pregnant wife and four year old daughter in Scotland when the chassis of his Navara snapped and separated. The driver claimed that this was a dangerous mishap which could have caused serious repercussions but the family was lucky as he was driving at a lower speed at the time.

Nissan has been advised to recall all such affected vehicles. The Nissan Navara D50s manufactured in Spain during the period 2005-08 have been found to be affected by rust while some owners of newer trucks have also complained about similar problems. In the meantime, Nissan has offered free inspection for owners of Nissan 4×4 Navara trucks if drivers are concerned about the condition of the vehicle.

Investigating committee member, Huw ­Merriman stated – “To reassure the public, Nissan would be well advised to recall all affected vehicles. If, as they say, there are only a small amount impacted then it shouldn’t be a costly exercise in ensuring that these vehicles really are safe to be on the road.”

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