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Nissan plans Infiniti brand for Brazili auto market in 2014


With Brazil emerging as an upcoming auto market with more emphasis on luxury cars, Nissan Motor Company of Japan has turned their attention to launch of new products and the building of a new manufacturing plant in the country. Brazil is characterized as one of the world’s emerging economies and is the sixth largest economic market.

Nissan Motor Company has stated that they will be selling their Infiniti brand of luxury cars in Brazil from early 2014. A new manufacturing plant is also scheduled to be erected in Rio de Janeiro while two Infiniti car dealerships will be launched in Sao Paulo and Rio during the third quarter of 2014 while additional outlets are being planned in Santa Catarina and Parana within three years. Targeting this high end consumer market, Nissan will be launching their car-SUV crossover models of FX sport crossover and seven seater JX while a new G sports sedan is also on its way.

Johan de Nysschen, President of Infiniti, is excited about their entry into Brazilian markets where the company is well aware of customers affinity to premium vehicles while at same time the company will be adding to their footprint where premium car owners is concerned.


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