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Pulsar officially teased, but it’s not a motorcycle

nissan pulsar teased

We have been waiting for the new Pulsar for a very long time. At the Auto Expo, after Bajaj unveiled those two Pulsar variants, our joy knew no bounds. We thought, achche din aane waale hain. But, they are nowhere to be seen, as Bajaj has nothing to say as far as their launch is concerned.

nissan pulsar teasedOne way or the other, we will get to see a new Pulsar very soon. But this one will be a five door hatchback from Nissan for the European market. Earlier today, Nissan released the first teaser of Pulsar, which will be unveiled on 20th May 2014.

The new Nissan Pulsar will enter the C segment in Europe to rival the likes of Volkswagen Golf. In the words of Nissan, Pulsar is a “spacious” hatchback which has been “designed to meet the specific demands of European car buyers.”

Considering that C Segment is the second largest segment in Europe as far as sales is concerned, with Pulsar Nissan aims to increase their sales in Europe. Nissan Pulsar will be built at their plant in Barcelona, Spain. As far as quality is concerned, Nissan says that the Pulsar is built “with the same high quality, high innovation approach that has come to typify Nissan models.”

As of now, there are no plans of Nissan Pulsar coming to India, and even if they come, the name would be different, unless Bajaj don’t have a problem.

nissan new car teasers


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