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Nissan sub 4 meter Sunny sedan and a compact SUV planned for India

2014 Auto Expo saw some promising sub 4 meter cars. There was the Ford Figo sedan, based on the new Figo platform. Tata Motors woo showed us their sedan, Zest which will be launched later this year. They also showed a compact SUV called Nexon, which is expected to be launched in 2015. Then there is Mahindra, who is also working on a new sub 4m SUV, currently codenamed as S101. Apart from this, there are many other car makers who are working on a similar project. This means that by 2016/17 you will have a range of new cars in the sub 4 m segment.

If you are wondering why so many car makers are making sub 4 m cars, then the answer is that the Indian government levies lesser excise duty on such cars, which in turn affects the selling price of the car once it is launched. Lower the excise duty, lower the selling price. This is the reason every car maker is working hard to get a sub 4 m car in the market as early as possible.

The latest car manufacturer to be added to this list, is Nissan Motors. Economic Times has revealed that the Japanese car maker is working on a new compact SUV and a compact sedan. Both will be under 4000 mm in length. Based on the report, it is revealed that Nissan is currently thinking of introducing these two compact cars based on a modified Sunny sedan platform.

Nissan India has aimed to grab a 10% market share in the Indian auto industry by 2018. In order to achieve this, they will be launching new cars, and increasing dealership network. The launch of two new under 4 meter cars is under this plan, which will see a total of 10 new Nissan cars launched in India by 2017. Nissan is currently assessing markets for the launch of these products.

Source Economic Times

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