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NNG and ANS car ‘Navigation for All’ in India

NNG ANS Navigation for All

NNG and ANS have announced scalable navigation solutions for OEMs in India. This in turn makes available factory-fitted navigation in all car segments. Globally the next 6 years will see, low cost vehicles account for about 20% of all production. In India this trend is being boosted by Tata Nano, Hyundai Eon, Datsun Go, and Maruti Alto 800.

NNG ANS Navigation for AllNNG is focusing on navigation solutions for affordable cars through a revolutionary strategy of low-cost and ultra-low-cost software solutions. This will enable automakers to integrate them into any car segments rather than an automotive industry in which high-end car buyers pay more for a head-unit with onboard navigation. NNG has delivered navigation solutions for over 30 car brands globally, and looks to stir up things in the Indian auto industry.

2013 results shows NNG owns a 26% market share in the OEM line-fit, and 65% in the aftermarket, in its key business regions. It’s low-cost and ultra-low-cost solutions should help NNG increase market share to 40% and 80% respectively by the end of 2015. Its new solutions are capable of supporting all common operating systems on varied hardware, with or without graphics accelerator, in any resolution. More car manufacturers are including pre-installed navigation with their newest small cars. As such, NNG can make software fast, accurate, and visually stunning with 3D visualization on hardware in all categories. ANS’ expertise helps make the right local product.

Péter Bolesza, Vice President of Emerging Markets at NNG said, “NNG’s vision is that navigation will be a standard, even in entry-level cars. We currently deliver localized software solutions for 168 countries across the globe that run on a single navigation engine. The response received from the Indian market has been tremendous and NNG looks forward to consistently developing innovative and cost-effective navigation solutions to ensure smooth, congestion-free commuting.”


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