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Nordschleife® chronograph now available for racing fans

Time is a very important deciding factor in everyone’s life. With the importance of a watch that keeps perfect timing is felt in every walk of life, its real test is felt when it comes to precision and speed of high performance vehicles racing down the racing circuit. All super cars are categorized on one factor only and that is in how short a time it can get around any demanding race track. This is specially the case when it comes to Nurburgring Nordschleife.

This is one reason why the specially designed Nordschleife® chronograph is such as exclusive timepiece. Weighing 144 gms in matte black, the watch is now available for fans across the world. Manufactured in Germany, the rugged looking watch is housed in larger than life stainless steel case. It has a diameter of 50mm and possesses a black watch face with white numerals distinctively displaying the Nordschleife logo.

Contrasting 24mm wide white leather strap with white seams and stainless steel clasp contrasts the stark black face. Besides keeping perfect timing, the chronograph also serves as a stop watch with stop second function, 60 minute split time display and 24 hour display.

News release: Heavy metal in matt black: The new exclusive Nordschleife® chronograph

144 grams of heavy metal in matt black: The exclusive Nordschleife® chronograph is now available to the fans of the world’s most demanding race track.

The timepiece is manufactured in Germany and instantly draws attention with its striking, distinctly masculine design. The robust XXL-sized stainless-steel case has a diameter of 50 millimeters that is colored matt black electronically and protected by a sapphire crystal.

The black watch face with white numerals displays and Nordschleife® logo is as extraordinary as the 24-millimeter (0.94 inch) wide leather strap with white decorative seams and stainless-steel clasp.

It goes without saying that the timepiece not only keeps time with quartz precision, it also masters all the classic chronograph functions such as stop watch with stop-seconds function, 60-minute split time display, 24-hour display and date function.

The matt black Nordschleife® chronograph is available online at www.nordschleife.us for EUR 189.


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