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Oben Electric Motorcycle Spied Undisguised For First Time

Oben Electric Motorcycle Spied
Oben Electric Motorcycle Spied

Oben EV has plans to launch multiple products over the next 6 months; first motorcycle launch in Q1, 2022

Choices available to customers in electric two-wheeler space has consistently increased in recent years. Oben EV will soon join the list with its electric motorcycle expected to debut in coming weeks. Oben EV will focus on providing customers an optimal mix of style, performance and ease-of-use with its electric two-wheelers.

Oben EV electric motorcycle spied

Oben electric motorcycle has a sporty, futuristic design with a tinge of retro thrown in. The latter is evident in the round headlamp. The bike has sharp body panelling all across and even the seats have a chiselled profile. The bike can be seen in dual-tone colour option of red and black. It is likely that more colour options will be made available at the time of launch.

The bike is expected to offer a comfortable, upright riding stance. It has centrally placed footpegs and ergonomically mounted handlebar. Although dimensional aspects have not been revealed, the bike looks compact in terms of both length and width. Seat height appears just right to allow optimal balance and control.

Overall, Oben electric motorcycle looks ready to zip through city streets. With ample ground clearance, it also seems capable to effortlessly tackle some rough patches. Ground clearance seems to be a little better than that of current breed of petrol-powered commuter motorcycles.

Oben Electric Motorcycle Spied
Oben Electric Motorcycle Spied

Oben electric motorcycle range and specs

With range of 200 km (ideal driving condition), Oben electric motorcycle looks pretty impressive on paper. However, it is likely that range will be less in real life conditions. Range could be higher with regenerative braking, but it is not known yet if Oben electric motorcycle has this feature.

Claimed range of 200 km is among the best in this segment. If we compare to Revolt RV400, it has range of 150 km. Oben’s range is also higher than Ola S1 Pro electric scooter that has 181 km range.

Oben electric motorcycle top speed is 100 kmph, which should be sufficient for city needs. Just for comparison, RV400 and Ola S1 Pro have top speed of 80 kmph and 115 kmph, respectively. Talking about acceleration, Oben electric motorcycle can reach 0-40 kmph in 3 seconds. This is the same as that of Ola S1 Pro.

Oben EV electric motorcycle charging

Oben electric motorcycle has charging time of just 2 hours. In comparison, RV400 can be charged from 0-100% in around 4.5 hours. It remains to be seen if Oben EV will setup up its own charging network or partner with third-party EV recharging stations.

Oben EV electric motorcycle has more than 16 patented innovations. It includes a new battery pack that utilizes maximum heat exchanging (MHX) technology. It ensures that the battery stays cool even when the motorcycle is continuously driven at high speeds.

Connectivity features including IoT are also expected to be offered as standard with Oben electric motorcycle. Users will be able to access a range of data and analytics about their rides.

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